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Spam Text Messages

Spam is an issue about your consent and not just the content. Regardless of whether the Unsolicited Bulk Message is an advertisement, a trick, pornography, or a proposal of a free lunch, the substance is not that important – on the off chance that the message was sent spontaneous and in mass, at that point the message is spam.  So Messages with the same or similar text can be sent out to a group of people in a short period of time and thus it is the most preferred way of sending spam messages. Several companies have database where they can also simultaneously post duplicate messages. Use of bulk messaging can artificially cause a certain topic to trend if enough people visit them. Bulk messaging can be used for spreading malware or advertising to direct users to a site or to take money out of your pocket.

Today everybody with a phone knows the problem of spam messages and nobody likes them, nobody needs to get them however they continue coming. They are what could be compared to junk email, just that your telephone can’t channel them all things considered. Conceded some instant messages may originate from a genuine source that you bought in for; it is, in any case, not generally the situation. Spam content is regularly spontaneous, undesirable from individuals you didn’t give your number to. More often than not your telephone number is picked aimlessly, combined with hundreds or thousands of other arbitrarily produced numbers.

Spam Text Messages Examples

At this point a great many people comprehend what a spam instant message resembles. Those can be spotted from a mile as a result of how improperly odd their substance is. For the confused not many, who despite everything make some hard memories recognizing what is genuine and what is spam, we have assembled a rundown of instances of spam instant messages so you can get acquainted with them. Remember these are just two or three instances of spam SMS messages—they can come in various organizations, so be cautious.

“(User’s Number) V-E-R-I-Z-O-N, To continue using our services please go to and update your account.359394.”

“URGENT! We are trying to contact U.Todays draw shows that you have won a 2000 prize GUARANTEED. Call 090 5809 4507 from a landline. Claim 3030. Valid 12hrs only.”

Dear User, Your P-team K-Y-C has been Suspended. call us 6297886407 immediately. Your account will blocked within 24 hrs. Thank you.

We do not promote SPAM messages in any ways, we run an awareness campaign to stop people from loosing their hard earned money to such scams. But there are a few messages such as Bitcoin messages which are considered as spam in one country while a source of financial growth in other. We let you send such messages in a legitimatize way!!

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